Current Projects

  • Achieving Sustainable Urban Buildings with Seismically Resilient Mass Timber Core Wall and Floor System. Peter Dusicka and Corey Griffin. Sponsor: CMMI-NSF; Duration: 04/01/2016-03/31/2019. (Details)
  • Development of Structural Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensing Composites for Rehabilitation of Deteriorating and Fatigue-Damaged Steel Bridges.¬†Erik T. Thostenson (UDel), Thomas Schumacher, and Jennifer Righman-McConnell (UDel). Sponsor: FHWA-EAR. Duration: 09/09/2013-09/08/2018. (Journal Article, Conference Paper, Details)
  • Development of a Design Guideline for Bridge Pile Foundations Subjected to Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading. Arash Khosravifar. Sponsor: Deep Foundation Institute (DF). Duration: 05/01/2016-08/31/2017. (Details)
  • Reuse of Structural Steel: Towards Maximizing the Greenness of Buildings. Jennifer Righman-McConnell (UDel), Thomas Schumacher, and Erik T. Thostenson (UDel). Sponsor: NSF-CBET. Duration: 09/01/2013-08/31/2017. (Conference Paper, Details)
  • Advancing Steel and Concrete Bridge Technology to Improve Infrastructure Performance (Collaborative project with Lehigh University (Lead), The State University of New York at Buffalo, Corven Engineering, Inc., and Modjeski & Masters), Task 10: Bridge Deck Durability Study. Thomas Schumacher and Nii Attoh-Okine, Harry Tripp Shenton, and Dennis Mertz (UDel). Sponsor: FHWA; Duration: 09/30/2014-04/01/2017. (Details)

Past Projects